Miley Cyrus Debuts Daring New Bowl Cut Hairstyle

She's going for it! Miley Cyrus has donned several daring looks over the past year -- including a pixie, pasties and a closet full of crop tops -- but her latest look is one for the books.

Cyrus, 21, was spotted rocking a new bowl cut on Tuesday, Jan. 14, in Los Angeles. The hairstyle showed off her darker roots underneath, which matched her dark eyebrows. She also sported hot, red lips. But that's not all! The "Wrecking Ball" star took it a step further with black trousers, suspenders, and a white crop top.

Cyrus has recently been rehearsing for her upcoming tour. Last October, the controversial singer excitedly announced the news on Oct. 26 while she stopped by for a surprise appearance on Saturday Night Live during Ed Norton's monologue. On Jan. 14 (the same day she debuted her bowl cut) she tweeted: "I can't wait to be on tourrrrrrrrrrr."


Mildred serving us some coconut head realness