This is a Stannis Baratheon post

Well there's always Game of Thrones to keep you busy in the meantime...

It's not actually that much of a commitment, Game of Thrones. It's only half the year and not that many filming days, so I'm not hugely involved in it at the moment. Who knows what it'll be like next season...

Will we see a great deal more of Stannis in Season 4?

More? No.

Is Game of Thrones a very different show for you to work on given its scale and budget and the sheer heat of fan attention that it receives?

I don't think the heat of fan attention makes that much difference to the actual process of making it, but certainly the first two things you mentioned are significant. It's a much much bigger industry. The experience of going in and out of something as vast as that is not the same as turning up every day on set with a bunch of people that you know. So it's pretty different and the attention is different. There's a lot of time spent setting up shots, and in a way the acting's neither here nor there, so it's a very different acting experience.

Did you read the books to prepare for the role, or did you not have a spare year handy?

(Laughs) I didn't read the books, no. I decided I'd wing it (laughs).

Did you have to audition or were you just kidnapped in the dead of night and spirited away to be on the show like all of Britain's actors seem to have been?

(Laughs) Pressganged! No, I went and read for it.

You've done your fair share of Shakespeare in the past. Do the machinations on Game of Thrones appeal to the Shakespearean actor in you?

I wouldn't say that that is its appeal, no. I know what you mean about Shakespeare in the sense that it clearly draws on Shakespeare's history plays for its inspiration in some ways, and the Greeks, and pretty much every other kind of epic history thats ever been written. But in terms of playing the role, no, I wouldn't say that's the attraction. I find its fascination is certainly in that kind of extraordinary exchange of power that goes on, and the fact that it's really the only game in town. I think that people recognise that to be the way of the world at the moment.

Have you ever checked out the fan reaction to your character online? A lot of them call you 'Stannis the Mannis'...

(Laughs) No, I haven't...

Oh don't worry, Stannis has a lot of fans.

That's a relief actually, I must say because I do know how much people are invested in it. Especially people who've read the books. And you do feel a sense of obligation to those people to live up to their hopes. So even if I'm doing it by accident I'm very glad!


ngl i think the season 4 trailer is pretty good, at first i thought it was slightly weaker than the other trailers, but now i think i think i like it better than the season 3 trailer

Which parts from the trailer excited you the most ONTD?

ARYA (the fight with the hound and leaving him lmao byeeee)

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ALTAR SEX!!!!! (wish that was me instead of Cersei THO TBH)

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and also alayne stone, bran and oberyn (pedro looks hot idgaf)