Kim K To File Police Report: He Threatened To Kill Me

Kim Kardashian klaims was threatened by the man who allegedly kalled her a "n****r lover" and she's filing a police report against him for making kriminal threats. The blow up happened at a Beverly Hills medical building in which Kim says the guy screamed at her, "I WILL KILL YOU, SLUT".

The 18 year old had been yelling at paps outside the building as Kim showed up. He apparently tried to help her get in the building and stated "They're whack, dude. You have to deal with that everyday?" He then began to rant at photogs, calling them "n****rs" and "f****ts". Kim asked him to not use that language.

It kulminated in konfrontation in a khiropractor's waiting room when Kim kalled Kanye. He then barged in and punched the guy in the face. Kanye is now a suspect in a kriminal battery investigation. Kim has already met with her lawyer and they decided they will mount a kounterattack by filing a police report.

Kanye is already facing battery charges for his LAX assault on a photog, and the L.A. City Attorney wants to use every konfrontation to prove Kanye has an M.O. This isn't going to help his kause.