Mos Def Arrested at VMAs

An inpromptu performance by Mos Def outside of the video music awards landed the rapper in jail this evening. According to a thestreetspace dot com employee who witnessed the event, Mos Def pulled up in front of radio city music hall in a large truck which then opened up into the stage and begain performing. Within a few moments the truck was swarmed by police and the rapper was arrested while what appeared to be a mini riot ensued. According to sources the rapper was doing a tribute to Katrina victims and had attempted to contact MTV several times. His calls were never returned.

Mos Def (real name Dante Smith) was taken into custody on disorderly conduct charges and later released. Sources say the rapper was performing “Katrina Clap” a freestyle regarding the Bush adminstration and the response time to hurricane victims. According to police spokesperson, the rapper was asked to shut down the stage show due to crowd conditions and safety issues.

While its unclear if Mos Def ignored the police demands a source told us when asked if they had a permit they advised the NYPD that they did. What is clear is that a swarm of police officers took over the flatbed truck and quickly arrested the rapper and members of his entourage, including his brother.

In a statement made to MTV dot com, Mos Def publicist was quoted as saying “Mos Def was unjustly arrested tonight while performing on a flatbed track in New York City outside the Video Music Awards,” said Carleen Donovan. “Mos Def was not out to break any laws. His only goal was to heighten the awareness of a serious situation that still exists in our country. He does not want people to forget that although it’s one year later, the people and cities hit by the hurricane still need the help of the American people.”

The camp claims unessasary force was used and that they have a video tape of the entire incident they may release in the near future.

TheStreetSpace dot com was there when the event happened and was able to catch much of the action on camera.

The pics don't even show Mos Def, just the paddy wagon, I guess it's only cool to do impromptu performances if you're name is P. Diddy.