The Awkward Years with GOLDEN GLOBE WINNER Andy Samberg & costar Chelsea Peretti!


All month long 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' star and ELLE guest blogger Chelsea Peretti will be posting interviews with her comedy icons on

Long before Andy Samberg was a Golden Globe winner—he nabbed last night's award for best actor in a comedy; the show took home best comedy series honors—the Brooklyn Nine-Nine frontman honed his comedic chops with classmate (and future co-star) Chelsea Peretti. As promised in the February issue of ELLE, on newsstands now, the former carpool buddies riff on flubbed punchlines, their mutual friend Ilan, and what, if anything, they retained from middle school:

How much are you getting paid by ELLE to do this interview? I'm getting five million dollars.
Six million. I wouldn't feel bad about it though it's so close—essentially the same amount.
What do you think our mutual friend Ilan from middle school is doing right now?
I bet he's tending to his baby because that's what he's doing in all of his Facebook pics?

Do you think Ilan's baby is cute?
When I saw the 9,000th Facebook pic, I turned a corner and decided yes!

Do you like Ilan's wife. I do a lot so don't make it weird by saying anything you might regret…
I think she is very cool and I enjoy her English accent.

If Ilan got busted for drugs or something in Mexico, would you fly there to bail him out, no questions asked? I would, but don't let that influence your answer.

I'm not sure I'm as close to Ilan as you are, frankly.
Who do you think Ilan likes better out of the two of us?

Probably you—even though we were super close in high school and cracked each other up all the time. No big deal though. You win in 2014.

What's your favorite album of this year?
I don't know about "albums." You mean like a record? I like Hootie. JK! I just wanted to use the word Hootie.

What's Ilan's favorite color?
I don't know. Look, I already said you are better friends with Ilan.

Remember the time in 5th grade when you accidentally said, 'I don't shut up, I grow up, and when I look in the mirror, I throw up' and Ilan and I laughed so hard?
Yes. I was trying to flip it and be like, 'when you look in the mirror you throw up,' but I failed really bad. That's the day I learned to always draw within the lines and think inside the box.

Quick: 15 x 27 = ???
Mr. Wong would be so disappointed, but I just don't feel like doin' the math.


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