Nicole Richie 'drops to 88 pounds on diet of sunflower seeds, celery, juice and gum'

Nicole Richie's weight loss has come under the spotlight again, with a worrying new report claiming that she's "anorexic".

The 32-year-old star is said to weigh just 40kg (88 pounds), the same weight as her infamous suddenly skinny frame in 2006.

It comes just two months after we exclusively revealed husband Joel Madden was worried about Nicole's "fragile" body frame and was urging her to eat more.

Indeed, the reality star appeared gaunt at a special dinner in Beverly Hills on Tuesday, posing alongside a healthier looking Dita Von Teese (see picture above).

According to Star magazine's latest report, Nicole is apparently living on a diet of sunflower seeds, celery, juices and, bizarrely, chewing gum. A celebrity weight and lifestyle specialist told the mag "[Nicole] is likely subsisting on about 600 to maybe 800 calories a day".