It’s no secret that Liam James Payne loves a good shirt. When it comes to wearing a suit, he’s a fan of the crisp white number that makes him look a bit like a fit doorman, and even in his more dressed down hours he can usually be spotted rocking a plaid bad boy around his waist.

But just when you think you know someone, he’s gone and set our heads into a spin by wearing something SO outlandish and jazzy that we’re not sure what to do with ourselves. We can only assume his New Years resolution was to ‘try new things’. LOOK.

Liam headed out for a glass of fizz and a boogie last night at his favourite London nightclub, Funky Buddah. Normally we see the Paynis getting his PARTAY on in some casual clobber. A snapback perhaps... A quirky tee to flash those dreamy arms?

But last night he arrived in a shirt that we can only describe as something our dad might have worn 15 years ago, and he SOMEHOW managed to still make us want to lick his face. Now that’s a talent.

Payne-o teamed his snazzy flower power button-up with a strong quiff game, a good amount of fuzzy facial hair and a pair of classic black jeans. Check him out with that cheeky top button undone, wearing that crazy shirt like it just ain’t no thang.

We’d bet our entire week’s supply of snacking foods that he borrowed it from Harry Styles’ section of wardrobe.

So there you have it. Just when you think that Liam Payne is back to being his sensible self, and BANG, he pulls out his genuine pimp-wear. Whatever, he’s working it.

What do you think of Liam’s floral number? Fit or a bit sh*t? Reckon the Paynis can pull it off?