Azealia banks - Broke with expensive taste review

Broke with Expensive Taste

I used to know a couple who were really into roofie-ing each other. We’d all be at some dive bar and the chick would dust her dude’s Peroni with Rohypnol while he was in the bathroom. Then, five minutes later, she’d have a grin on her face and the guy would be all, “Wait—did you just roofie me? You did, didn’t you?” Then they’d go home, and she’d rape him, and the next day he’d be grumpy at brunch because he’d lost a round of their “game.” They were a really happy couple, but I’ve always wondered: What if the assaultee wasn’t in the right headspace to be date-raped that night? Would he or she just go along with it, for love? I don’t think I’ll ever really know, but after being forced to listen to this record, I did learn one thing: even if you’re kinda in love with somebody, sometimes you’re just not in the fucking mood.


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