Amazon Owns Your Veronica Mars Binge-Watch

If you were planning on a Veronica Mars-athon in preparation for the cult hit’s March 14 big-screen debut, and you don’t have the DVD set handy, you will want to make sure your Amazon Prime sub is in good standing.

Amazon announced on Thursday that its Prime Instant Video service has secured exclusive online streaming rights to all three seasons of V. Mars, effective today.

Meaning, the likes of Netflix, Vudu and other streaming services will be fresh out of Marshmallows.

“The Veronica Mars series has been popular on DVD and Amazon Instant Video for years, so we know how much Amazon customers love this iconic television show,” Amazon exec Brad Beale said in a statement. “We are excited to become the exclusive subscription streaming home for Veronica Mars and to be able to offer the entire TV series to Prime members to enjoy at no additional charge.”

Marshmallow Source

I don't know how many of y'all are Amazon Prime members (you can get a trial for 30 days and cancel), and I would have preferred this on Netflix (more subscribers), but at least it's somewhere (and it's in HD too!). This article was more for those who have never seen the series and do not have the funds to get the DVDs ro do not want to spend the money even though they are $10 per season on DVDPlanet right now.