Pulchritudinous Philanthropist Paris Hilton Visits Children's Hospital

Paris Hilton surprised a sick fan by paying her a visit at her hospital bedside on Tuesday. The Good Time singer (on iTunes now!) took time out to visit Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and stunned a cancer sufferer, identified only as Christina, when she turned up on a ward to wish her happy birthday.

The sweet spirited entrepreneur chatted and posed for pictures, which she posted on Instagram alongside the caption, “Made me so happy to surprise the #BirthdayGirl Christy258 today at ChildrensLA. Such an amazing feeling to make someone smile.”

She then met other children at the hospital, adding, “Loved being with you all today at ChildrensLA. Sending everyone love & prayers that you all get better soon. Happy to see you all smile. Stay strong. Love always Paris.”

Bless. She does things like this a lot, and never gets acknowledged. Can't wait for P to launch the Paris Hilton Foundation and all the joy it will bring. May all these kids get well <3