New 'Muppets: Most Wanted' TV spot pokes fun at Twitter hype

For years there's been a sly way to tell if an upcoming movie is ten shades of awful. It's when a studio uses pull quotes from so-called "quote whores" who proclaim lackluster movies are must-sees or crowd-pleasers, etc. But in the new wave of online social media, there's been an insidious new addition to shady trailer practices, the use of "pull tweets." Can't find enough critics to make a movie look impressive? Search Twitter for fan responses and plaster the ad in those. Well, leave it to The Muppets to call that method out for the nonsense it is.

In the latest trailer for Muppets Most Wanted, Muppets Studio pokes fun at the use of tweets as pull quotes offering up internet speak, goofy handles and loads of hashtags. (#yolo) Shocker: these are real.

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