Celebs and their food/drinks

Pics of celebs and their meals/drinks from the past week.

Ludacris has seafood.

Heats slice of pizza with hairdryer.

Lena Dunham eating her "Golden Globes diet."

Rihanna eating beef with rice.

Eating a chickpeas thing.

Ariana Grande has mochi in Japan.

Emma Roberts has cake.

Zooey Deschanel makes chocolate on chocolate chip pie.

John legend with ice cream and parodies Idris Elba with caption, "My Bow makes my ice cream hard...is that normal?"

Kevin Mchale has cheeseburger.

Kelly Rowland has healthy snack.

Eats stuff from 22 Days Nutrition.

Tamera Mowry has champagne with family.

Kendall Jenner craves candy apple.

Daniella Monet has vegan meal.

Lauren Conrad has tea.

Snoop Dogg (lion?) buys a bunch of sweets.

Christina Milian prepares oxtails.

And from 3 weeks ago, Tyler the Creator, tries to eat cocoa butter.

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