‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: Scott & Friends Lose Their Minds On Winter Premiere

Plus: Scott and Isaac literally come to blows over Allison. Let the battle begin!

Is there a doctor in the house? Because the kids of Beacon Hills could use some serious therapy right about now. After Scott (Tyler Posey), Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) and Allison (Crystal Reed) brought themselves to the brink of death last year, the Jan. 6 winter premiere of Teen Wolf found the trio in various states of mental breakdown — including one really disturbing sex-murder dream that I think we’d all rather forget.

In a nutshell, Stiles is developing supernatural dyslexia, Allison is being haunted by visions of Aunt Kate (Jill Wagner), and Scott is completely losing control of his transformative abilities. And Lydia (Holland Roden)? Well, she’s loving every minute of it, now that she’s finally not “the crazy one.”

Fortunately, Scott and Stiles got a brief reprieve from their mutual self-destructions when Sheriff Stilinski (Linden Ashby) asked them to help re-open a cold case: a mother and two daughters he now believes were killed by a werewolf. Long story short, it now looks like one of those daughters, Malia, was the werewolf.
'Teen Wolf' Season 3B Trailer

When Scott encountered her in the forest, she had blue eyes… just like Jackson (Colton Haynes) did after his season-two transformation. Seriously, who else misses Jackson?
What’s Up With The New Kid?

Scott and his friends have a bad habit of discussing their supernatural crises in public, and this week, they finally learned that the people around them do, in fact, have ears. New-girl Kira (Arden Cho) “couldn’t help but overhear” them discussing their mental breakdowns, and strangely enough, she actually had some of the answers they were looking for.

Basically, the three of them are living in an in-between state, and it’s also possible they’re being haunted by demons. In other words, it’s just another year. More importantly, I’m wondering what’s really going on with Kira and her dad; Teen Wolf isn’t big on coincidences, so there’s obviously a reason they came to town when they did.

Also, after seeing Kira’s exaggerated head-to-desk slamming, I’m cooking up an alternate theory that she might just be a full-on anime character come to life. Consider my eyes peeled for enormous sweat drops, etc.
Scott Vs. Isaac

The new year is also presenting an interesting geometry lesson for Scott; more specifically, the fast-forming love triangle between himself, Allison and Isaac (Daniel Sharman). I won’t lie, as much as I love Daniel, I also thoroughly enjoyed watching Scott throw Isaac out of his room twice, Uncle Phil-style. (Seriously, though, how are you going to live in Scott’s house and go after his ex-girlfriend? Not cool, bra.)

And to be honest, I’m not sure where Allison stands on the issue. She had a pretty steamy sex dream about Isaac, but she also brought up Scott’s name several times — and the dream ended with “Aunt Kate” proposing that she and Allison team up and murder Isaac together. Mixed messages, much?
Odds & Ends

*** The episode ended with a cut to Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) and Peter (Ian Bohen), chained to a fence and being electrocuted by an unknown torturer. As disappointed as I was that we only got a brief glimpse of two of my favorites, their shirtless grunting more than made up for their lack of screen time. Seriously, this is what pause/rewind/play was invented for, people.

*** Speaking of people being M.I.A., where were Danny and the twins? If it turns out they were all re-enacting that scene from the motel, they’re excused. If not, they’ve got some ‘splainin to do.

*** I can’t think of Scott’s dad (Matthew Del Negro) as anyone other than Penny and Max’s trainer from Happy Endings. Maybe someday, but not today.


Ngl I liked the whole creepy/cheesiness vibe the episode had and the inception stuff was decent for teen wolf. Set up some nice stuff for the season and it actually feels like there's plot somewhere in there. Mildy excited but will keep expectations at a medium-low level.

-Kira was pretty qt.
-Mama Mccall was awesome.