Idris Elba Tweets About His Bowtie Making His “D*ck Hard,” Twitter Explodes

So here I was enjoying a Saturday evening at home, perusing my Twitter timeline when a pretty outrageous tweet showed up on my timeline that was attached to Idris Elba and more importantly, Idris Elba’s bow tie.
The actor was on his way to the 25th annual Palm Springs International Film Festival awards gala when he tweeted the following, which was accompanied by the above picture:

Now, I’ve followed Idris on Twitter here and there and recognize that he likes to have fun on social media sometimes; but with this tweet, I was pretty sure he’d been hacked! I certainly haven’t seen that verbiage from him in the past.

Yes, he was definitely on one as he got his evening started. The women on Twitter were going crazy, while the men felt the need to twitpic pictures of themselves in bow ties. Of course, none of them received the same reaction as “Idris Elba’s bow tie.”

By the way, he did look good at the gala and seeing him in this suit, really makes me want to see him in a “007 suit” at some point.