Gaga hints that she is going through rough times right now to fans on her social network

She's was on chat today, a member quoted:

She said A LOT, and some very strange things...

"You don't know a lot what happened in the last year"

"i don't feel like a princess locked in a castle, my golden hair growing down for them to snip and sell while i waste away"

She basically said the industry just wanted her for money, a lot happened in the past year, we (monsters) saved her life quite a few times, she's going through a rough point atm (not love/family stuff tho), and how much she loves us.

she also posted this...

"Here's my little baby demon pet today. It felt so good to share my work with you, I feel safe on this site to be myself. It's like an underworld. I may be a musician to the world, but with little monsters I can be anything"

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