Adriana Lima Gets Us Motivated With New Year Diet And Exercise Routine

Needing some inspiration for a New Year detox? Adriana Lima's got just the thing.
Adriana Lima seems to be the diet and work-out inspiration of the moment as her nutritionist unveils her foolproof Paleo diet and her trainer shows off her cardio circuit training regime.
There's no doubt that the Victoria's Secret Angel has got a body to die for, but it comes with a lot of motivation and self-discipline. Adriana wasted no time in getting back into the gym after Christmas and it's no wonder as the festive season is the only time Ms Lima allows herself to indulge. 'I eat everything I want on Christmas day', she told Hello! Online. 'I really don't watch what I eat.' The rest of the time, however, she's sticking stringently to 2013's most popular diet, the Paleo diet.

'The basic idea of the Paleo Diet is to eat what is natural and available', her nutritionist Dr. Charles Passler told E! Online. 'If it looks like it came from nature it is fine. No processed foods including breads and pasta.' Other things that are eliminated in this diet are alcohol and sugar - two things most of us could do with shunning for a while after an indulgent Xmas and New Year.
So, how's Adriana keeping in shape for her 2014 lingerie modelling? Well, she and her trainer Michael Olajide Jr. unveiled a short video explaining her full-body work-out on It included boxing and rope jumping techniques; things that she can easily do at home without trekking all the way to the gym.

'With two little girls, it can be tough to find time to go to the gym', she said. 'Jumping rope is something I can easily do at home - I try and squeeze it in during my daughters' naptime!'

Watch Adriana Lima's Train Like An Angel work-out routine:
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