Time For 2014's First Friday Night Creepy Post! - FEARnet's 24 (5) Most Anticipated Horror

Well, 2013 has come and gone and it was a pretty darned good year for horror, both at the theaters, as well as on TV with more horror television programming than ever and the exponential growth of VOD releases. This year may have just started, but 2014 doesn't show any signs of slowing down in terms of genre offerings. How 'bout we take a look at feature length movies due out this year? Get your calendars out and let's break down some of the most anticipated horror titles arriving later this year.


We may have missed out on getting another 'Paranormal Activity' film last Halloween, but Blumhouse is wasting no time this year as the Latino-centric spin-off film 'Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones' is now playing in theaters as of today! While fans and peers were fairly vocal in their disappointment over 'Paranormal Activity 4,' 'The Marked Ones' apparently puts the series back on track and early word is that it's quite good. And don't worry, if this isn't enough to satisfy your craving, 'Paranormal Activity 5' is due in theaters October 22nd.


This Israeli made foreign film has been gaining a tremendous amount of buzz on the festival circuit, in part because of the huge ringing endorsement from Quentin Tarantino who named it "the best film of the year." A cop and a grieving father's worlds collide when they both go after and capture the same supposed pedophile killer. From there, some much deserved revenge is served cold to the perpetrator. And if you're skeptical to the idea of such dark subject matter being played as a black comedy, the trailer below truly sets up the tone that the film is going for. Magnet Releasing, always the advocate for interesting & ambitious indie cinema, releases this both in theaters and on demand January 17th.

KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM (In Theaters Jan 21st, On VOD Feb 11th)

Finally! After an impressive presentation at Comic-Con back in 2011, horror fans were eagerly anticipating the genre-bending 'Knights Of Badassdom' from 'Holliston's Joe Lynch at the helm and starring Ryan Kwanten ('True Blood'), Peter Dinklage ('Game Of Thrones'), Summer Glau ('Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles') & Steve Zahn ('Joyride'). But after years of post-production battles behind-the-scenes, the movie is finally getting a release both in limited theatrical (via Tugg screenings) and VOD outlets. However, fans will not be seeing director Lynch's original cut of the film. Does this "producer's cut" eliminate all of the fun, gorific horror elements? We'll just have to wait and see. Keep tabs on the official 'Knights Of Badassdom' Facebook page.

GRAND PIANO (March 7th)

Elijah Wood continues to flirt with genre material in this DePalma-esque thriller from up & coming filmmaker Eugenio Mira. John Cusack co-stars as a psycho that threatens to shoot pianist Tom Selznick (Wood) during his comeback live performance if he plays one wrong note. There are plenty of fun surprises in store for this tense thriller. This trailer should give you a good sense of what you're in for. Plus Alex Winter is in it! Read Scott Weinberg's review of 'Grand Piano.'


After 'Sinister,' consider us "in" with anything director Scott Derrickson has got in store. And he's following up that monster hit (which in itself is also getting a sequel) with 'Deliver Us From Evil,' formally 'Beware The Night,' in which a New York City cop investigates a series of heinous crimes involving the occult and demonic possession! Eric Bana, Olivia Munn and Joe McHale lead the cast and although the film was originally slated for a January 2015 release, Sony was so impressed with how the movie is coming together that they've bumped it up to the prime summer slot of July 2nd!

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