Liam Payne Shows Us A Huge Snake!

Liam Payne has introduced his new friend to his fans, a huge snake.

The One Direction singer is currently at home with his family celebrating Christmas.

But he took to his Twitter account to introduce his new friend Philis.

“My aunties snake ahhhhhhh!” he wrote alongside a picture of him holding the massive creature.

“Meet Philis” he added moments later, with another photo of the snake slithering against a wall.

This isn’t the first time the Midnight Memories singer has been faced with a snake or two.

During the band’s mammoth Take Me Home tour earlier this year Liam had to rescue some Australian fans who had set up camp in a snake-infested field to try and get the attention of their idols.

It was Liam who spotted the girls and he revealed at the time on the Kyle and Jackie O radio he had to rescue them from the dangerous habitat using a golf cart.

"It's been pretty crazy in Australia so far," the band admitted.

Liam then recalled the events which took place that night.

"So what happened [that day] is, at the back of our hotel there's a massive sign saying 'Don't go in here, snake habitat'... So I was sat on the balcony one day and out of nowhere I just heard these voices coming up through the snake thing," Liam explained. "These girls waltzing on through, in little shorts and what not. I was like 'Whoa, girls'. I took them back to the front in a golf cart."

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