Celebs and their food/drinks

Pics of celebs and their food from the past few days.

Beyoncé celebrates Beyoncé with a Beyoncé cake!

Also cupcakes.

Victoria Justice makes salmon.

Rihanna drinks something.

Lindsay Lohan has goat cheese and sundried tomatoes-stuffed pork chops.

Janelle Monae has macarons.

Also has sweet potato soufflé and mac 'n cheese.

Ryan Seacrest eating tamales.

Kourtney Kardashian gets gingerbread house from Kris.

Nicky Hilton has cupcakes.

Christina Milian makes pineapple tamales.

Emma Roberts has tacos.

Lebron James eating his healthy stuff.

Raven Symone has a drink.

Juicy J has weed and Sprite.

Ellie Goulding has veggie Moroccan squash and apricot stew.

​And broccoli.

Mariah drinks eggnog.

Mindy Kaling eats chocolates in the writer's room.

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do yall think beyoncé kept it vegan at the party or did she cheat?