Mid-00's TV hunk Sean Faris pulls a Nick Jonas!

From 2004 to 2009, we saw Sean Faris in everything from One Tree Hill to The Vampire Diaries to the short-lived Life As We Know It and Reunion. He most recently took a turn as the more Conservative, painfully overdressed Officer Holbrook on Pretty Little Liars, but how's Mr. Faris' once perfect physique looking this decade?

Sean posted a steamy Instagram pic on November 30, showing off his six-pack abs and sexy scruff. But this Pretty Little Liars star worked hard for his body! In fact, his smokin’ physique is the result of a lot of hard work.
“After 2yrs of recovery from shoulder surgery and 3 herniated discs I'm finally getting back in shape,” he wrote. “I haven't felt this good for a long time. Never give up! Always move forward and keep persevering!”

We love that the 31-year-old is inspiring others to never give up, and now we’re seriously hoping Holbrook gets more screentime in Season 4B. We know he’ll be sharing a few scenes with Hanna as she puts on her detective’s hat this season. There’s also the possibility that Holbrook and his partner Linda Tanner have figured out more of the “A” game, because let’s face it: these girls could use some help.

Regardless of what Holbrook will be doing when PLL returns in Season 4B, we just hope we get one shirtless scene!


ONTD, could Sean Faris still get it?