Harry Styles wearing PINK nail polish?

One of our favorite band members was possibly sporting some trendy pink nail polish on his fingers before removing it for his ‘Where We Are’ book signing on Nov. 18. Keep reading to find out the details below!

The ever-popular Harry Styles, 19, was photographed in London for One Direction‘s Where We Are book signing with remnants of what looks to be pink nail polish. Harry, who is known for being a true jokester, was allegedly trying to hide his fingers in pictures — but we couldn’t help but notice a few traces of pink. What do you think, HollywoodLifers — was Harry wearing pink nail polish? VOTE and let us know!

Harry, who just got off his 134 day Take Me Home Tour, is on a break before him and the other members of the band release their third studio album, and start their Midnight Memories stadium tour.

The ultra popular band member was photographed with what appears to be the remainder of pink nails. Now we all know the boys need some pampering after such a long tour, but did Harry decide to go all out and get a girly manicure?

The boys of One Direction are total jokesters and are always playing pranks on one another — could this have been a possible dare or was Harry just having a little fun? Maybe One Direction is releasing a new nail polish line and Harry was just trying out the merchandise? Either way, with pink nails or not — the sexy boy bander still looked good!


Who cares. Nail polish party, yo!