Does Harry Styles Have His Sights Set On Miley Cyrus??


Harry Styles has apparently got the hots for Miley Cyrus, and the pair have been texting each other often of late.

Cyrus’ recent twerking antics have reportedly got the floppy-haired heartthrob’s attention, with Styles even dressing as her for Halloween.

Now Miley and Harry are plotting to party together in LA before Christmas, could a new showbiz romance be on the cards?

A friend of the One Direction singer told The Daily Star: ‘It’s no secret in Harry’s circle that he’s pretty obsessed with Miley.

‘It started when she cheekily pinched his bum at the VMA awards. Afterwards he made a few jokey comments about her on TV and then dressed up as her for Halloween.

‘So he decided to message her to make sure she wasn't offended by any of his remarks or actions. She wasn’t – and they've been texting ever since.’

The Daily Star added that Haz wants to party with Miley when he’s in the States before Christmas.

Until then though, Styles seems to be using some of his best lines on the Wrecking Ball singer in a bid to pique her interest.

‘He cheekily asked her “Can I drive your Maserati sometime?” And naturally he also reminded her they are both currently single, which is very typical of him and his flirty ways.