Lil Kim Steals Makeup Artist/Redditors Photo For New Album Art

Over the Halloween holiday, redditor and makeup artist Sssamanthaa posted her Pop Art Zombie look along with a tutorial explaining how you can easily create the look yourself. It seems like Lil Kim was interested in the look as well, and has ganked it without credit, and used the photo of Sssamanthaa's face as her new album art for her song Dead Gal Walking. It's not like this hasn't happened before to other artists, but Lil Kim could have easily recreated this look on her own by following the tutorial (while giving Sssamanthaa credit) without a problem.

Sssamanthaa asks /r/makeupexchange what she should do in a post titled "Perhaps slightly unrelated, but Lil Kim stole my picture to use as her new album art. I've been fighting this for a while, and I'm wondering if any of you lovely ladies and gents have any new ideas." Posted yesterday, November 11th. Most comments suggest that she sue Lil Kim for copyright infringement.

What do you think she should do ONTD?

Written by me. (Don't kill me, I'm not a great writer, I know.)
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