Avril Lavigne ft. Marilyn Manson - Bad Girl

Pop rocker Avril Lavigne's new song "Bad Girl" surfaced on Friday. On the twisted rock track, Lavigne teams up with industrial metal artist Marilyn Manson.
Lavigne's self-titled album will be released next month and every song released from it so far has offered a different sound. Now fans can listen to her Marilyn Manson collaboration "Bad Girl". This song might be the best yet from her new record.
Manson opens the track saying, "Just lay your head in daddy's arms / You're a bad girl." Lavigne rides out the dark rock track, playing up that bad girl persona when she sings, "Stroke me because I said so / Stroke and feed my ego / I've been a bad girl." Manson's vocals back Lavigne for the most part on the synth-y and distorted track. The collaboration is surprising but the two artists are really good at being bad together.
Lavigne's self-titled album will be released on November 5.
Listen to "Bad Girl" on Tumblr here.

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i like it!! it's really fun.
ETA! You can also hear her track Hello Kitty here omg YAS AVRIL i love it!!