Flawless Irish King Jack Gleeson did a Q&A and remains as charming as ever.

Jack Gleeson aka King Joffrey from Game of Thrones & Collapsing Horse answers every question ever…

He does an impression of Charles Dance at around 4:50 and it is adorable. Lol.

Random highlights, although the whole thing is worth watching because he's really funny:
On stopping mainstream acting after GoT:
Jack: It really comes down to just not driving as much enjoyment from acting as I used to. I started acting when I was eight and really really loved it, you know, and all I wanted to be was an actor when I grew up. But for some reason, I don't know, it became kind of a mechanical and less passionate for me when I started Game of Thrones. I don't think it has anything to do with the way they film it, but I think when it became less of a recreation and more of a profession it kind of put more pressure on the acting itself. It made it kind of less enjoyable.

On relating to Joffrey:
Jack: I am technically a king; I'm the King of Ireland. I don't know if you got that memo. (obvs, we did)

On his least favorite word:
Jack: We discussed this earlier and I'm even revolted saying it in front of people, but... panties. It's just gross. I don't want to explain why, to be honest.

Creative turn on/turn off:
Jack: I do like to do some writing now and again, creative writing. Just sitting in a park or whatever, just sitting by a sunset... [turn off] One would be kind of sycofancy people flattering you or being patronizing to you.

Favorite curse word:
Jack: Something in ancient Hebrew (lol ofc). I think the only bad word I know in ancient Hebrew is 'feces'... Perhaps the 'c' word. I'm sorry, I like saying that sometimes.

On whether or not he'll continue reading the books:
Jack: Yeah, yeah sure... the honest answer is 'no', I'm sorry. I find them quite hard to read, there's a lot of names in them I can't keep track of. (LMAO)

On the cast members he hangs with most on-set:
Jack: For the first one or two [seasons] I would hang out with Rory McCann who plays The Hound loads 'cause he was just in all my scenes. We would be really close, and then his character kind of diverged from my character's storyline and we don't really see each other anymore [sad face]. But in general, you know like, Lena Headey and Peter Dinklage, Sophie Turner and now Natalie Dormer (this perf group of people rn)- I really like hanging out with those guys. But it really is just proportionate to the amount of time you spend with the actors. You're stuck in a room with them for twelve hours day, you're bound to get along.

On whether he's dating anyone (aka, here is my chance!):
Jack: [Very important question: Do you have a girlfriend?] I don't have a girlfriend, no. No, I don't. I'm free, I'm a free man. You can check out my dating website profile, Joffrey Loves the Babes. [Do you have a boyfriend, what's up?] Yes! Thank you! I was gonna say that I am straight, but I thought that was kind of a gender normative question. But no I don't have a boyfriend, thank you for asking.

On a recent prank played on Gwendoline Christie:
Jack: They made up a fake New York Times article in which it described her being really rude to a fan, and it was all about her being a bitch in real life and stuff. And David the creator was scrolling down and was like, "Gwen, what's up with this?" and she was like, "I DON'T EVEN REMEMBER THAT, I DON'T EVEN REMEMBER THAT." And she's like ringing up her publicist and stuff. It was really funny.

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HEARTS IN MY EYES, TBH. And absolutely dead at that Gwen prank.