Game n Tunes pt 2 : An ONTD Original

Hello ladies and jellybeans of ONTD !

This is a follow up to this post where we discussed similarities between videogame music and songs from mainstream music artists. Some are minor ( but worth mentioning ) and some are major to the point where it's pretty amazing.

So let's jump straight into part two of this thingy thing shall we ?

Alex and Ken stage NYC (Street Fighter III : Third Strike ) vs Nuclear ( Destiny's Child )

Street Fighter III : Third has always been praised for it's beautiful sprites along with it's unique and upbeat soundtrack because it was ahead of it's time .

When Destiny's Child 's reunion single " Nuclear " was released a few people here on ONTD mentioned it reminded them of a videogame theme song but couldn't pin point it , it appears to sound like a slower version of Alex and Ken's stage.

Kingdom Trial ( Chrono Trigger ) vs The Trial ( Pink Floyd )

Not only do these songs sound similar but so are the names ... coincidence ? I guess
It's still debated whether or not the composer for Chrono Trigger swagjacked Pink Floyd without giving proper credit or if it was a homage.

Bridge Zone ( Sonic The Hedgehog ) vs Together Again ( Janet Jackson )

It's a known fact that Michael Jackson had alot of influence on Sonic The Hedgehog in character design and in it's sound ( Sonic 3 soundtrack ) But how many people took notice of the similarities between the Bridge Zone theme and " Together Again " which was recorded by Mike's baby sister Janet ? Take a listen

Ken's Theme ( Street Fighter II ) vs Mighty Wings ( Cheap Trick )

While Colonel Guile's theme may go with everything and his level looks like a scene straight out of Top Gun , Ken Master's theme sounds sounds exactly like the latest McDonald's product cheesy ( but awesome ) song " Mighty Wings " from the hit film. Either way the tune is very fitting for some all american pretty boy realness.

Zangief Theme ( Street Fighter II ) vs Give It To Me Baby ( Rick James )

This one may be considered minor because the Rick James song is more upbeat, but if you listen closley you can notice similarities in the intros as well as the bass of each song.

* Also a few more things I should point out , the bass line in Give It To Me Baby is often compared to the baseline in Michael Jackson's Thriller and if you listen closely Zangief's intro and baseline also sounds similar to Michael Jackson's " Bad " *

Character Select  ( Mega Man X4 ) vs Party All The Time ( Eddie Murphy )

This is definetly a minor one but the character select screen in MMX4 sounds like they looped a portion of Eddie Murphy's 80s hit.

Lava Reef Act 1 ( Sonic and Knuckles ) vs Dream Boy , Dream Girl ( Cynthia and Johnny O )

* Skip to the 1:19 mark on the Cynthia and Johnny O song cuz the intro is long for no damn reason lol *

Pretty much all of the tracks in Sonic and Knuckles could have passed for some amazing freestyle hits  especially the first act of the Lava Reef Zone considering how the background is on par with Cynthia and Johnny O's version of Dream Boy / Dream Girl .
Add in some bomb ass lyrics + a good vocalist and boom !!!

Orchid's theme ( Killer Instinct ) vs Wanna Be My Lover ( La Bouche )

The Killer Instinct ost was another way head of it's time , you can hear the similar background beat in La Bouche's track ( which btw does not sound like a damn porn movie lmao )

May Melanie Thorton rest in peace :(

Street Fighter Alpha 3-Daybreak (Ending & Staff Roll) vs Mr. Mister Take These Broken Wings

The fabulous Street Fighter Alpha 3 ending theme sounds like a modern version of the 80s hit .

Battle Against A Weird Opponent ( Earthbound ) vs Clean Up Woman ( Betty Wright )

Earthbound apparently faced legal issues having to do with it's soundtrack and that is apart of what was stopping it from being released on Virtual Console . The composers were accused of ripping off mainly ripping off the Beatles but this may have been a bunch of fan speculation .

It is known that the composers did draw influence from the mainstream western music scene so would make sense that this particular track and Betty Wright's tune sound similar.

Neon Tiger ( Mega Man X3 ) vs My Michelle ( Guns and Roses )

The Capcom staff has great admiration for Guns and Roses , aside from naming the robot masters in Mega Man X5 after each member of band they appeared to have drawn some musical inspiration as well.

Rock Theme ( Final Fantasy Mystical Quest ) vs Johnny B Goode ( Chuck Berry )

Another franchise that consisted of composers that were influenced by western tunes , this comes as no surprise .

Carnival Night Zone ( Sonic 3 ) vs Jam ( Michael Jackson )

Everybody knows that Mike helped compose this soundtrack but gotta include it anyway :)

* Gravity Man's theme from Mega Man 5 @ the 1:11 mark shares similarities to the songs as well *

Sonic The Hedgehog Casinopolis vs Hey Arnold Theme

Okay I know that it's just a tv theme song but it was too similar and too cool not to include . I know that Hey Arnold has a large following in this community so ur welcome ONTD <3

Source  geek culture  + great musicians  :)

tyfyt ONTD and I guess u can discuss all ur fav game music