An ONTDer is *rumored* to be a new cast member of SNL

Five young comedians are set to join the cast of Saturday Night Live this season, and you might already be familiar with a couple of them. See who we'll be welcoming to the SNL stage this season and why you probably already know a couple of them.

Noël Wells/ prettypertelote

Who she is: The one female joining the cast this season, Wells is an Upright Citizens Brigade alum and photographer.
You know her because: You may recognize her from web videos impersonating Zooey Deschanel. If you don't, you have to watch.

Mike O'Brien

Who he is: O'Brien has been a staff writer on SNL for the last four seasons.
You know him because: He's the genius behind the "7 Minutes in Heaven" series, which has featured the likes of Kristen Wiig (see below), Jon Hamm, Tina Fey, Rashida Jones, and Olivia Wilde.

Beck Bennett

Who he is: He's part of the comedy team Good Neighbor (fellow member Kyle Mooney, is also joining the show), and he's famous for a particular commercial.
You know him because: He's the AT&T guy! You know, the one in those commercials with the cute kids? At least we already know he's an expert at wrangling wayward costars and sitting in tiny chairs.

Kyle Mooney

Who he is: The 29-year-old Southern Californian is also part of Good Neighbor with Bennett, and he's an actor who's had guest roles on Wilfred and Parks and Recreation.
You know him because: He's done man-on-the street interviews for Jimmy Kimmel. Watch him showing off his skills as an awkward basketball fan.

John Milhiser

Who he is: The comedian is part of the sketch group Serious Lunch, which has been featured on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.
You know him because: He's lesser known, but he stars in a hilarious skit with Marcia Gay Harden about going off to college.