Topless Chrissy Teigen gets between the sheets with fiancé John Legend for his All Of Me music video


She has made a successful career out of stripping for the camera so Chrissy Teigen was happy to do the same for her fiancé’s music video.
The Sports Illustrated model goes naked for John Legend’s All Of Me video and the singer shared a photo of his bride-to-be exposing her breast from the shoot. John and Chrissy were filming together in New York on Wednesday and the black and white image showed them in bed together.


The couple are seen lying in bed together with a shirtless John under a sheet which is covering very little of Chrissy’s fantastic body. The 27-year-old’s breast is exposed as she rests a hand tenderly on her 34-year-old beau’s chest. ‘"Love your curves and all your edges." Pic from the video shoot (slightly NSFW),’ John wrote alongside the photograph while posting it to his Twitter page.


The director of the music video Nabil also shared the picture on Twitter, and Chrissy certainly didn’t seem to mind as she retweeted both posts. The brunette beauty then joked: ‘I figure you can't be suspended from a retweet.’ After she was apparently met with some backlash, the famously fiery star and social media enthusiast was quick to hit back. ‘Literally everyone has a nipple,’ she tweeted. ‘Get over it. #nipple #get #over #it #getoverit.’

Meanwhile the couple are believed to be tying the knot later this month after being engaged for almost two years. In an interview with Showbiz Tonight back in April Chrissy refused to say exactly where her wedding would take place but admitted that 'we're going to make people trek somewhere.' However a source told the New York Post that the Manhattan-based couple have decided on the romantic Italian destination of Lake Como because 'that's where they fell in love.'