Elementary Photos from s2e01 "Step Nine" + First Season DVD Available Now

"Step Nine" -- Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) travels to London to help track down his old mentor and finds himself in the middle of an unsolved mystery on the second season premiere of ELEMENTARY, Thurs. Sept 26 (10:00–11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

Elementary: The First Season

Special Features:

"A Holmes of Their Own" — Series creator Rob Doherty and executive producer Carl Beverly, along with Jonny and Lucy, discuss the new series.
"In Liu of Watson" — Interview with Lucy describing her character’s evolution throughout the first season.
"Set Tour with Lucy Liu" — Viewers follow Dr. Watson behind-the-scenes.
"Holmes Sweet Holmes" — The cast and crew review the first season.
“Power of Observation" — A five-part web series.

Target Exclusives (US $27.99):

"Elementary Super-Sized" — An inside look at the making of the post-Super Bowl episode through interviews with the cast, director and show runners.
Photo Montage
Cast Biographies

Suggested Retail Price: US $64.99 / CAN $69.99 ($27.99 at Target & Amazon)
Total Running Time: 17 hours & 18 minutes

Note: Season 1 is DVD only, no Blu-ray release. No gag reel, no deleted scenes, no episode commentary. :(

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