Worst Dressed Stars in VMAs History

Of all the awards shows in all the land, the annual MTV Video Music Awards consistently has the most outrageous, forward-thinking and downright daring looks to hit any carpet—but the train to "edgy and cool" many times runs off the rails. Looking back at the VMAs red carpet over the years, there are plenty of cringe-worthy looks that can be attributed to "it was the style of the time." But there are still those outfits that, even at the time, were an all-time disaster. And here they are for all in all their gawking glory! -

Christina Aguilera-2003
Well, at least more effort was put into Christina Aguilera's next red carpet disaster for the 2003 VMAs. The singer looked like a cross between Vegas show girl and Jersey girl with her muppet-esque feathered dress and equally ridiculous tan. So that would make an Atlantic City showgirl?

Lil Kim-2001, 2000, 1999
JT may be getting the Video Vanguard Award this year, but we're giving rapper Lil Kim the Red Carpet Vanguard Award for her appearances at the 2001, 2000 and 1999 VMAs. What a streak! Everyone remembers her purple-pastie-lace-quasi-mermaid look from 1999, but what about the neon vinyl bondage ensemble from 2000, and the (I still can't believe it) LACE UP wig from 2001? It's so bad, it's awesome. #blessed

Putting aside the spiky hair that looks like it was grown in a Magic Rocks kit, Pink's outfit from the 2000 VMAs attempts to blend a lot of different looks--and it didn't end up good. Copper rings pinned all over denim? Open hip waistline? Pimp coat and thong platforms? It's hard to even know where to look.

Lil Mama-2007
Lil Mama had a baby—who also happened to be Lil Mama? In a bizarre attempt at irony, rapper Lil Mama came clad in a full baby ensemble, complete with bonnet and rhinestone pacifier at the 2007 VMAs. This outfit was definitely something to cry about.

Lady Gaga-2009
Lady Gaga is not one to try to be just "pretty" or "sexy," and we love her for that! While she has had plenty of wild outfits over the years, she at least looks cool or interesting. This look from the 2009 VMAs however didn't quite hit the mark, rendering Gaga practically unrecognizable and super uncomfortable. Looking at her makes us want to go to the chiropractor.


Your favorite/least favorite VMA looks ONTD?