9:46 pm - 08/19/2013

Olivia Wilde is “so saddened and grossed out” by young women with plastic surgery

Her advice to young women:

DON’T cut your face: “I am so saddened and grossed out by young women who look like creepy, old aliens because of their new Barbie noses and lips. Is that a smile or a grimace? Did you melt hot wax on your face, or is that your skin? A better approach: Take care of yourself now that you’re old enough to know how. Drink water, sleep eight hours (I wish), and don’t go within 400 feet of a tanning booth or I’ll slap you. Hard.”

… writes 29 year-old Olivia in Glamour Magazine.


Had my nose job when I was 19, best decision ever <3 People are so dumb when it comes to plastic surgery, not everyone does it to look like a Barbie doll, you moron.
luckystar246 20th-Aug-2013 01:03 am (UTC)
That's how I took it too.
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