Evanna Lynch for the Sunday Express' S Magazine


Surprise surprise!
Beautiful Evanna (as yet) undisclosed (to us):

P.S. Unfortunately, the interview did not show up; we wait for a better quality pic.

UPD: This is from S magazine, which is attached to the Sunday Express newspaper.
+ We have promised to do a better quality picture :) twitter - a great thing!

UPD: replaced with a better quality picture:





Plus, a new still of Evanna as McKenzie Price, a supporting character who openly opposes homosexuality, in the 2013 comedy film G.B.F. was released:


Additionally, three new Houdini rehearsal pics have surfaced, an upcoming play where Evanna will play Bess, the wife of famous magician Harry Houdini (the play will have its world premiere on 9 September at the Stoke-on-Tent Repertory Theatre and will tour across the UK throughout the fall):


Rehearsing with the Great Houdini Brothers!



Finally, the first sneak peek for the film Apex was released. Apex is a thriller which focuses on five friends surviving in Los Angeles as a human evolution-changing virus spreads across the United States. The film serves as a pilot for a TV series in the making, which premiered at LeakyCon Portland earlier this year.

APEX - sneak peak #1 from Cory Braun on Vimeo.

We are thrilled to be welcoming back to LeakyCon the creators and actors from APEX, the new series featuring several members of our LeakyCon family including Evanna Lynch and Devin Lytle. After premiering the trailer at LeakyCon 2012 in Chicago, IL, we couldn’t be more excited to bring you the official premiere in Portland this year.

APEX deals with a group of lifelong friends who find themselves quarantined in California. Information is scarce; supplies even more so, and while their relationships slowly devolve into past struggles, something far more sinister lurks beyond their luxurious duplex apartment… and inside of them.

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