7:51 pm - 08/17/2013

Ashley Benson Wears Makeup To The Gym — Do Or Don’t?

Ashley Benson, 23, is one of our favorite beauty inspirations. The Pretty Little Liars star always looks good, whether she’s on the red carpet of just chilling behind the scenes — but we’re not sure what to think her August 15 Instagram! In the picture, Ashley is clearly wearing makeup while working out — and that’s a big beauty no-no.

There are two sides to this beauty debacle: the ideal one and the practical one. Ideally, you should never wear makeup while you work out, and we shouldn’t even have to tell you why. As you sweat and your pores open up, the makeup can mix with grime and create a bacterial feeding ground on your face — resulting in blemishes the next day.

However, Ashley is one busy lady. In fact, she probably went to the gym after a day of filming, so she more or less had to wear her makeup. And we get that — even we’ve rolled up to the gym without washing our faces first.


Do you wear makeup when you work out?
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