Singular Beauties: Harper's Bazaar tackles diversity in fashion

It is not a shock to most that diversity in the fashion industry as a whole is greatly lacking. As photographers we understand that diversity is key. That there is a broader brush by which beauty is, and should be, defined. If everyone shot that same exact image, the same composition, the same model, et al., visual interest would dull quite rapidly.

"Racial diversity is only one way in which the fashion industry — and, by extension, our cultural ideas about what and who gets to be beautiful — could stand to broaden."

With a report that catalogues the trend of New York’s Fashion Week continuing to grow ‘whiter’, it is refreshing to see Hapar’s Bazaar team with photographer Carine Roitfeld and designer Karl Lagerfeld to create a photo editorial that celebrates a range of beauty in the September Issue.

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This shit isn't diverse. And everyone wearing flattering outfits except for Gabby? nhft