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M.I.A. Threatens to Leekx 'Matangi' Amid Label Drama
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roguewave3 wrote in ohnotheydidnt
Maya Arulpragasm says she could finish another new album "by the time they are ready"

August 9 2013, 11:03 AM ET

In a week of possible publicity stunts with big money on the line, M.I.A. is adding her unsilenceable voice. The MAYA rapper-singer hinted on Twitter that she might "leak" her own upcoming album, Matangi, over what she strongly implied were delays caused by her label, Interscope.

"who would stop MATANGI from coming out?" she wrote. And then: "If interscope takes longer i can always leak this next week and make a new one by the time they are ready."

True, M.I.A. has been teasing the follow-up to MAYA and her 2010-ending Vicki Leekx mixtape since last April at the latest. And though her online presence continues to provoke controversy — the director of a planned M.I.A. documentary publicly quit last month — her live show and recent tracks "Bring the Noize" and "Only 1 U" are as on point as ever.

But Interscope is no mom-and-pop. It's ultimately owned by giant French conglomerate Vivendi. And at a time of rampant skepticism about Daft Punk's The Colbert Report non-appearance, plus major-label exiles Death Grips' Lollapalooza non-appearance, skepticism is — well, did we already say "rampant"? We'll have to wait and see whether a big-time artist, even a revolutionary one, can really leak an album without permission these days.



i'm so ready for her new material, "Bad Girls" is still the jam

She needs a Twitter filter because she comes off looking like the stupidest person when using it at times.

I still remember the shit with her leaking a journalist's personal phone number. Like, gurl, no...

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pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls

As much as I would love this, gurl no. You need this big label money to fight the Bronfmans.

She should just do it. What will they do? Drop her? lol

I think they would sue her, which would be costly for her

omg your icon, username, everything <3<3

idk why i thought she had her own label

Why are they dragging their feet - $$$? Seems dumb considering she has a devout following

Boo record labels are shady. I can't wait for her new album, love her!

Can't stop jamming to the iconic album that MAYA is

I've been listening to it all week.

my walk to work while listening is.. interesting

MAYA is so good to listen to in the car when you have the bass for it. The only songs I can't listen to are "It Iz What It Iz" and Diplo's tracks.

YAS, I deleted that one and It takes a muscle, but Born Free and Illygirl are my shit

YES @ Born Free and Illygirl. Except for LiveJournal, illygirl is my screen name on every other social media outlet I'm on.

that's the best username ever, would illyboy work for me?

the message is also my jam, those fucking saws give me life

Yasssss I love that album. I simply don't understand people who don't like it. I think it's her best one.

Listening to it for the first time now on Spotify. Thanks!

yasssss, no one gives that album the respect it deserves.

with the pennies that many artists get from record sales, i can't figure out why more artist don't release their music online, hire a powerful management & promotional team to do all the promotion that labels do for their artists (often poorly), & make their money through touring and capitalizing on their brands (endorsement deals, product-lines, appearances, etc)

we've been waiting for so long and they obviously don't care for her work, do it my queen

this is a great interview, i've watched it like five times

Well Pitchfork just announced that it's now coming out on November 5th, sooooo. http://pitchfork.com/news/51140-mias-album-matangi-gets-a-release-date/

Awesome! something tells me the label got scared of her leaking it and just decided to throw a random release date down on the calendar. or this is just promo.

loool seriously. the first single came out in like June.

I need this now and I don't want her forced to make more "less happy" songs for Interscope

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so ready to hear this album!!!

record labels can be such assholes

This article is terribly written.

It's from Spin, what do you expect

lol another case of record label execs showing their age again, literally record labels do not know what to do anymore they're all running around like chickens with their heads cut off

I miss her tbh so just do it. Also, I still want to see that documentary! Is it already out or...

i thought the director dropped out? or was that jut for media?

Gotta force the labels hand but she should independent

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