Fantasia wrote and sang theme for "Lee Daniels' THE BUTLER" & wrote song for Candice Glover's album

Rumor is that Fantasia's song will play during the closing scene of "Lee Daniels' THE BUTLER", which stars Forest Whitaker and Oprah Winfrey.

On her Instagram today, Fantasia thanked Oscar-nominated director Lee Daniels for giving her the opportunity:

Mr. LEE Daniels I am So Very Proud of This Amazing Movie you've given us. Im Blessed to be apart of it thru Music!! Thank You for Believing in me and letting @riccobarrino, Keith Mack, Able and Myself write our Very First Movie soundtack. THIS MOVIE IS A MUST SEE!! NO IM SOOOOOO SERIOUS...

Fantasia also co-wrote a song for American Idol Season 12 winner Candice Glover's debut album.

Candice Glover, “In the Middle”

“It’s not my new single but it is going to be on my album,” Glover explains. “I knew I could do a new song on tour and I chose ‘In the Middle’ because it’s fun and reminds me of summertime and being in love and having these good feelings when you’re with this guy. I love singing about being in love and this is the perfect song about that. It reminds you of going to the beach with your friends.” Then Glover makes the big reveal: the song was written by Rob Kleiner, Reg Styles and a name very familiar to Idol viewers: Fantasia. Glover was sent a demo version with Fantasia’s vocals. “It was fun listening to her version and learning from it,” says the Idol winner.