Chris Brown’s Alleged New Single Cover Art Disses Rihanna

When Chris Brown first released his new remix of Mario’s "Somebody Else" on June 4, it appeared to paint a surprising image of what may have gone wrong in his relationship with Rihanna, 25. And if this new photo ends up being the cover art for the track, our suspicions may prove to be correct.

On the track, Chris, 24, coos, "I never saw the day coming / That you would ever wanna leave me / Baby, you told me no matter what / Your heart would always be for me."

It sounds like someone broke Chris’ heart. (If I could put a sad face emoticon here, I would.)

Could that be why this photo, posted by MediaTakeOut, has a big red X over Rihanna’s face? Of course, there’s no confirmation yet on whether or not the photo is the actual cover art for "Somebody Else Remix," so we won’t jump to any conclusions. But it does make you wonder.

The photo was originally posted on Instagram by Rihanna in February. It was taken during their romantic getaway to Hawaii for RiRi’s birthday.

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