'Twisted': Danny's Dearly Departed Dad: Not So Dead?

By Drusilla Moorhouse

If everyone told the truth, Twisted wouldn't have lasted past its first episode. But seriously, Green Grove! These townspeople has more secrets than Peyton Place and Twin Peaks combined! And Danny's (Avan Jogia) dad might have engineered the greatest deception of all...

Road Trippin': Why would Lacey (Kylie Bunbury) withhold the threatening letter and apparent blackmail payment from the police? This makes absolutely no sense, unless she secretly wants Danny to return to jail. Instead of letting the police pay a visit to Connecticut themselves-where they would easily and legally gain entrance to the mysterious apartment 413-the threesome further jeopardize Danny's freedom: By crossing the border he's violating his parole. (A common legal term that the Twisted writers have confused with "probation." Look it up. Maybe they catch a few episodes of Murder, She Wrote like Rico?)

Pretty Little Liars: Naturally, Danny is caught by the building's security guard, who reports his B&E to the local police. Frenemies to the rescue! While Danny's being busted, Jo (Maddie Hasson) and Lacey sneak a look at the building directory and discover-dun dun dun-the resident of 413 is none other than Vikram Desai...Danny's dead dad. They persuade the guard to let Danny go by claiming that is all just a silly mix-up involving a cougar crush. But inexplicably, the girls keep mum about the fact that the letter's return address belongs to Mr. Desai himself.

Swimming With the Fishes: Listen, we've watched enough PLL to know that "they never found his body" is the virtual equivalent of "he didn't really die when you thought he did (but cheating/faking death will summon a visit from the Grim Reaper in the end)." But we're getting ahead of ourselves. The important point here is that Mr. Desai is super hot and we'd be the first aboard the welcome wagon.

Pot and Pottery: Like their daughters, Tess Masterson and Karen Desai are attempting to make that final "F" in BFF mean something. While waiting for their fugitive offspring to return, they revive their friendship over the pottery wheel-and a little help from Mary Jane. Sheriff Masterson really needs to put his own house in order before ransacking the Desais', no?

The Necklace With Nine Lives: Just like Mr. Desai (we hope), Aunt Tara's ugly necklace just will not die! And Rico (Ashton Moio) is apparently the only one in town who can't keep a secret. It only takes a salty snack for him to sing like a canary and tell the sheriff he saw Karen toss the necklace in the water. What now? Are the police going to bring in divers and drag the lake?

Next Week: Danny calls out Lacey for sending him "mixed signals"-and she has trouble denying their love connection. Girl, you've got a choice between a bullying high jock stereotype and a man of mystery with dark, soulful eyes. Isn't the choice obvious?


Oh and the spoilers got updated <--- OMG MY POOR BABIES !!!!!