Jonas Brothers On New Formula And Kevin’s Baby News

Jonas Brothers

After a four-year gap since their last album, many fans have been left ‘jonesing’ for some Jonas, but all that ends when their new album V, in honour of their fifth studio release drops later this fall. Joining us in our ET Canada studio, Joe Jonas tells Rick Campanelli the group’s new music is worth the wait: “We went in studio originally and we felt like it wasn't right. So we looked at each other and said maybe we should take a little bit more time. We ended up getting back in the studio six months later and something clicked.”

It’s not just time that enriches their music, it’s also life experiences and that’s all part of their new winning formula. “I think it’s important to live a little, make some babies… live a little bit of life prior to writing about it,” says Kevin Jonas, who just announced last week he and his wife Danielle are expecting their first child.

So what’s in store for the little Jonas on-the-way? Kevin’s siblings say he’ll make a wonderful dad, but will probably be a bit of a pushover. “He’s going to spoil the kid for sure,” says Nick. While Joe adds, “if it’s a girl, it’s a wrap. She’ll actually live in the Disney castle.”

Speaking of Disney, they aren’t the only stars from the network to go from child actor to superstar. Miley Cyrus is also making waves with her edgier music this year, and Nick who dated the former Hannah Montana star says he couldn't be more happy for his ex. “It’s great to see that she can continue to be successful and make the kind of music she wants to make,” he says. “It’s really interesting right now. If you look at who are on top of the pop charts right now, you've got Miley, Demi and Selena and we’re happy to be back on our game.”

Of course being together on tour for so long means there’s bound to be some bickering between bros! And tonight they dish about sibling rivalry on ET Canada starting at 7:30 ET/PT.

~By Beverley Binns