Jerry O'Connell joins the cast of Veronica Mars Movie as Lamb's brother?!

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Jerry O'Connell joins the cast of Veronica Mars Movie as Sheriff Lamb's brother, Dan Lamb

Marshmallow HQs

The password protected website has been activated also! Lots of fun snapshots and behind the scenes stuff. The cast looks so happy in these shots, and my favorite is the one of Kristen and Jason holding the slate right before the 1st shot of the movie.

They've obviously asked not to reveal the password, but you know how that'll be. Right now, the site is trying to accommodate the 90K backers plus the extras.

From the Kickstarter Update:
So can we just share this stuff wherever?
We can’t stop you from sharing the content we post on the site, but out of respect to all of the other backers, we’re asking a favor: please keep it to yourself for now. Backers who happen to work in the media, we’d politely ask the same courtesy of you: the content we post is meant to be exclusive to our backers for a while, so we’d ask that you not re-publish it without permission. We know that many backers don’t care if the content is exclusive, but since the Kickstarter promised exclusives, we’d like to respect those who do. Please help us do that.