22 Videos of Iconic Bands Playing Tiny Gigs

It's easy to see why some bands have made it big based on their early shows. Famous rock bands and rappers will usually have someone, either a friend or family member, record a given performance, especially during their early years. When the footage is released, it's nothing short of amazing to see some of our biggest stars in a similar setting to where you and I likely would have performed if we were in bands.

Nirvana Plays in Front of No One at Radio Shack (1988)

Green Day Playing at a High School During Recess (1990)

Beastie Boys On a TV Show As a Punk Band (1983)

The Beatles at a Tiny Club in Liverpool (1962)

Eminem Shows Off His Skills at a High School Talent Show (1991)

15-Year-Old Rihanna Sings "Hero"

Destiny's Child Rehearses in a Backyard (1992)

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