True Blood: Why It's Just Like “Game Of Thrones”

True Blood isn't on par with Game of Thrones in terms of critical response and that's because occasionally (okay, often) the vampire drama wallows in ridiculous romantic soapiness with too few brilliant moments of social awareness to redeem it. But while Westeros and Bon Temps couldn't be more dissimilar on the surface, these two HBO series have a surprising amount in common. (Please note that we're referring strictly to the TV series', not the books they're based on, and that there are plenty of spoilers ahead for anyone still catching up.)


True Blood: Sookie's grandpa Niall / Queen Sophie-Ann/ King Russell Edgington
Game of Thrones: The Lannisters / The Freys / Lysa Tully Arryn/ The Greyjoys

Royals are bizarre, no matter which fantasy world you are living in. On True Blood, there's a fairy king who is more than a little batty (just look at his hair) and only shows himself to his heir after her millionth near-death experience. And there's also the vampire Queen of Louisiana and King of Mississippi, who have more than a few eccentricities and generally rule chaotically. Then on Game of Thrones, the ruling families dabble in incest, long-term breastfeeding, and trading or marrying off children for power at the drop of a hat.


We'd try to list them all, but we might never stop. Suffice it to say, both shows are chock-a-block full of gruesome murder scenes. You can't really have a series about vampires or something called "The Red Wedding" without some bloodshed. But if you are looking for some particularly fabulous examples of on-screen death, check out Russell Edgington ripping out the spine of a news anchor on live TV on True Blood or Viserys Targaryen getting his golden crown on Game of Thrones.


True Blood: Jason Stackhouse
Game of Thrones: Theon Greyjoy

And strangely, they were both tortured for their peniseswho would have imagined that was a possibility? Well, technically, Theon wasn't tortured specifically for his, but Ramsay did delight in having his prisoner seduced by some attractive young ladies to the point of arousal before he had Theon's member chopped off and delivered to his dad as a bit of a twisted gift. As for Jason, he was tied to the bed by his girlfriend Crystal, repeatedly bitten, dosed with Viagra and raped by Crystal and her sister and friends so that they could get pregnant with non-incest-born werepanther babies.


Much like the gory deaths, it would almost be easier to list who hasn't been naked on each show. Every time a shapeshifter or werewolf has to change their form on True Blood, they strip down first, while none of the folks in Westeros (or across the sea) seem all that concerned with staying covered up even with winter coming. Good thing for the viewing audience that in 95 percent of these cases, the nude forms are exceptional physical specimens.


True Blood: Lafayette Reynolds
Game of Thrones: Olenna Tyrell

Every show needs at least one character who is relatively amusing and has no qualms in vocally expressing their opinions, becoming instant fan favorites in the process. True Blood has Lafayette, a chef and sometimes drug-dealer with a unique sense of fashion who has no problem telling people when they are acting all manner of crazy. And Lady Olenna in Game of Thrones doesn't seem to particularly care about social etiquette as she bluntly gossips about all of the happenings in King's Landing.

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