Derek Theler: Playtime on 'Baby Daddy'

How adorable is Derek Theler with baby Emma in this new still from Baby Daddy?

In this week’s all-new episode “On The Lamb-y,” Ben (Jean-Luc Bilodeau), Danny (Theler) and Tucker (Tahj Mowry) band together to rescue Emma’s missing stuffed animal.

Meanwhile, Riley (Chelsea Kane) hosts a book club in an effort to make friends with the cool girls at work. When her mom, Jennifer (Caroline Rhea), and Bonnie (Melissa Peterman) get wind of her plans, they invite themselves. Much to Riley’s dismay, the ladies’ long-standing rivalry erupts during the club meeting.

“On the Lamb-y” premieres Wednesday, July 10th, @8:30PM ET/PT on ABC Family.