Madame Tussaud immortalizes Adele - but fans say, "That wax figure is FAR too thin to be Adele!!"

The Madame Tussauds waxwork of Adele was unveiled this week, but it has caused quite a stir with fans who believe the 'Rolling In The Deep' singer has been moulded slightly slimmer than how she appears in real life.

There have been a myriad of comments on Twitter, with most praising the accuracy and astounding likeness of the doppelgänger, however, the beloved singer's figurine has not escaped criticism, however, with a number of tweeters claiming that the waxwork is thinner than Adele herself.

Comments have been made such as: "Far too thin.!! did they run out of wax?" and "The difference between Adele's waxwork and the real her is that the waxwork is skinnier."

However, there are body-image crusaders who are fighting back against the naysayers, with one woman tweeting: "So even wax women can't be real sized?" and claiming that the model is as beautiful as the singer is. I'm actually not sure what she's saying here lol help me out ontd

Adele herself is extremely happy with her waxwork, and became emotional during her face-to-face meeting with the model. The Skyfall singer reportedly gushed: "That's scary! It's amazing." and praised the likeness of the waxwork, saying "They've even got my chin right."

The waxwork, which was modeled on Adele's performance at the 2012 Grammy Awards, was developed to capture her personality as well as her likeness, which is all part of the process of making a waxwork double.

Public Relations Manager for Madame Tussauds, Nicole Fenner, explains: "We start off by taking thousands of measurements and loads pictures of her personality."

The lengthy process really adds to the similarities between the star and the model, with her hands being used for expression as well as her face, and the waxwork even sports real human hair.

Fenner went on to praise the model of the star, saying: "She is one of the most influential British female artists and we know she is going to be a huge hit with our guests alongside our other pop greats. We're very excited to welcome her to Madame Tussauds London."

Adele is a gorgeous woman, but...