30 "Hip-Hop" Celebrity Tattoo Fails

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon


Must've Hit His Head Really Hard

Birdman must've hit his head really hard and then decided to tattoo the stars he was seeing right where he bumped it.


This Is Not Rihanna

We have no words for how awful Chris Brown is, and his tattoo is no exception.


The Regrets

Even though neither Jermaine Dupri nor Janet Jackson are hip hop artists, we had to include them in our Tattoo Wall of Shame. We have a feeling that Dupri really regrets his decision to tattoo a Virgin Mary-style Jackson on the side of his body, especially since the couple split in 2009.


Rihanna's Navy Unite!

You should never try to copy a famous person's tattoo. It will never look as good on you.


Hey, Nas

Hey, Nas. Remember when your tattoo of a topless lion used to be a tattoo of a topless Kelis? We do.


Declaration of Love

Nick Cannon made sure the world would never forget the fact that he's very much in love with wifey Mariah Carey. Homeboy got "Mariah" inked across his upper-back after six weeks of dating her. Let's hope this marriage lasts.


Amber Rose Loves Wiz

In April, Amber Rose showed off a massive tattoo of her baby daddy's face on her Instagram. Fingers crossed this thing with Wiz works out because we really thought she and Kanye were forever. Now look at them.

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