Taylor Swift and Matthew Gray Gubler spent 4th of July together

Taylor Swift threw an Independence Day party at her Rhode Island beach house for the Red Tour's dancers, backing singers and band members, as well as their significant others. Other friends and family members also attended. Among them? Criminal Minds actor Matthew Gray Gubler, 33.

On July 3, Gubler tweeted that his "next stop" was New England. Later that day, he posed for a fan photo during a flight to Connecticut.

Rumors about the pair began to swirl when Gubler posted festive pictures of face paint and sparklers on his twitter page. He later deleted the images when fans of Swift, 23, noticed similarities to pictures the singer and other party goers had posted online.

Swift and Gubler began following each other on twitter in May.

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UPDATE: "A rock-solid source close to the singer tells Gossip Cop that the pair are just friends.”