Celebrity yoga post!

Demi Moore: Giving up Hollywood to become yogi?

"Ghost" star Demi Moore has reportedly decided to ditch her Hollywood acting career after becoming a certified yoga teacher.

The 50-year-old actress has immersed herself in the study of Kundalini yoga, a branch of the ancient Indian discipline that focuses on raising individual consciousness through breathing techniques and physical poses, reported Showbizspy.

"Demi is acutely aware that her star has faded in Hollywood. Acting offers are not coming in and, at her age, Demi realistically knows she is considered over the hill in youth-obsessed Hollywood," a source said.

"She also credits Kundalini with helping her recover from the emotional issues surrounding her drug-induced seizure and hospitalisation last year.

"She has been going to two-hour classes five days a week for months, so it was a logical next step," it added.

Moore studied at Nine Treasures Yoga in Los Angeles, completing the program in May.


Miranda Kerr's Morning Yoga

Just in case you don’t feel bad enough about all the delicious ways you celebrated America’s birthday yesterday, here’s a spandex-clad Miranda Kerr doing downward dogs on a rooftop.

The Victoria’s Secret model-turned-wearer of Nana knickers has revealed her morning yoga routine as the next segment in her Body Beautiful series for Net-A-Porter. Alongside the more traditional yoga poses such as The Downward-Facing Dog, Warrior II, and Chaturanga, she’s also a fan of some less frequently practiced moves: “In the mornings I like to do my yoga sun salutations, and then I try to find some time to jump for joy,” Miranda spills. “I feel that it really energizes me and sets me in a great mood for the day.”

The entire routine clocks in at under four minutes, but we feel like we gained lean muscle mass just from watching. See the video below for some weekend workout inspiration — it’s probably easier to jump for joy on Saturdays.

Reese Witherspoon goes above and BEYOND with daily yoga practice

She’s been busy staying in shape as of late, and Reese Witherspoon showed up at Burn 60 Gym in Brentwood, California this morning (July 3).

The “Walk the Line” lady looked lovely as she strolled up to the fitness center in a black jacket with black shorts and a green water bottle.

On Tuesday it was more of the same for Reese, though this time she grabbed a Yoga class at a gym in Venice, showing off her leg bruise in a pair of black stretch shorts with a purple tank top.

Meanwhile, Ms. Witherspoon has had her hands full with kiddos and it’s affecting her mind! She told press, “Ever since I had the baby, I can't remember anything. Serious, this child stole my brain.”

Vanessa Hudgens: Studio City Yoga Session

Starting her Friday (July 5) morning off on a relaxing note, Vanessa Hudgens showed up for a yoga class in Studio City, CA.

Pretty in purple, the "Spring Breakers" sweetie scurried back to her car with a black cap pulled low over her eyes after her stretch session.

In career news, the 24-year-old actress is gearing up for promotional duties surrounding her upcoming film "The Frozen Ground."

Set for release on August 23, the motion picture is described as follows: an Alaska State Trooper partners with a young woman who escaped the clutches of serial killer Robert Hansen to bring the murderer to justice.

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