People's Top Ten Celeb Quotes of the Week!

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"That's more kissing than I did in all of high school."

– Jimmy Kimmel, who received not one, not two, but three kisses from Lone Ranger star Johnny Depp, on his late-night talk show

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"Jimmy Whatever-Your-Middle-Name-Is Kimmel, would you marry me, and make me the happiest man on planet Earth?"

– Adam Carolla, one-upping Johnny Depp's passionate kisses with a "proposal" to his longtime pal, on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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"I'm going to Beyonce tonight because I love Beyonce's music my wife."

– Seth Rogan, on attending the singer's July 1 concert stop in L.A., on Twitter

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"It was like putting gasoline in a purified system."

– Jennifer Aniston, reliving the stomach-turning experience of eating a Big Mac, to New York magazine

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"Kale isn't ALLWAYS (sic) HEALTHY... if you chop the end of your finger off."

– Kevin Bacon, who escorted wife Kyra Sedgwick to the ER after a kitchen accident, on WhoSay

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"Being a bada– is handling your s–."

– Demi Lovato, who chooses to tackle her problems head-on, to Cosmopolitan

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"I saw him and started tearing up. It was so embarrassing for everybody."

– Diane Kruger, on being starstruck by teenage crush Don Johnson at the Vanity Fair Oscar party, to PEOPLE

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"She's finding her way, she's stepping off into womanhood."

– Snoop Lion, on collaborator Miley Cyrus's personal evolution, to E! News

Which celeb had THE BEST quote this week?

Jimmy 'n Johnny gettin' to 1st Base
The Ace Man
Seth "Happy Wife Happy Life" Rogan
Jennifer #1 Supersize Aniston
Demi holds her own shit?
Diane fangirling over Don's johnson
Snoop-a-loop and Moop-a-twerk


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