Iggy Azalea performs "Bounce" on SLFN + Teases "Change Your Life" Video

Iggy Azalea performed her new single "Bounce" on the series premiere of Channel 4's Smells Like Friday Night a couple weeks ago and you can now watch the performance below. The song will be officially released next Sunday everywhere (except US and Canada) and you can pre-order/buy the exclusive EP now by clicking here!

If you live in the US or Canada you can support Iggy by buying her debut single "Work" available on iTunes that is finally being promoted on radio!


Iggy is currently shooting the new video for her second worldwide single "Change Your Life", that features T.I., in Las Vegas and is visually inspired by the movies "Blade Runner" and "Showgirls".  Here's a few tweets about the visuals Iggy has been tweeting for the past few weeks/days:

"Today I'm on my way to LAS VEGAS! we are shooting in the mansion from the movie casino for CYL! Everything on my wish list is ticked!!!! 😀"

"futuristic blade runner showgirls."

"So nomi it hurts."

Yesterday, she tweeted while on set "I promised myself the only picture I will take of CYL is me with my tiger cub. Please lord, let me stick it it. Surprises are best."

Here's the picture she shared on Instagram earlier:

MTV also announced the Australian rapper is their MTV International Push Artist worldwide and MTV Artist to Watch in the US for the month of July. "Hey guys guess what! I'm this months MTV push artist & MTV Artist to watch! yippie! Thanks 2X MTV! gotta love it!"