Rapper ordered to take etiquette classes to correct his Twitter behavior

An up-and-coming rapper in Philadelphia was ordered to take etiquette classes yesterday in response to some poorly drafted Tweets.
The rapper, Meek Mill, was in court on violation of his probation.

Common Please Court Judge Genece Brinkley was informed by an assistant district attorney that the rapper - whose real name is Robert Williams - was very active on Twitter and other social media.

Apparently a few of his Tweets had caused some of his followers to send threats to Williams' probation officer.
The judge suggested taking the classes from Philadelphia radio host Dyana Williams, who is knowledgeable of the music business.
Judge Brinkley said that these classes were 'more important than any concerts he might have.'

In addition to the etiquette classes, Williams will have to inform him probation officer any time he leaves the state, something that Williams expressed was an inconvenience.
'I have my own record label with seven artists...I do radio. I do interviews,' Williams said.

The same judge kept Williams from touring for a month last December after finding out that he had violated probation restrictions.
Williams' attorney said the restrictions were keeping the rapper from making a living, and that frequent pictures of him posted on social media were enough to inform the probation officer of his whereabouts.

Williams grew up in the famously dangerous North Philadelphia area. He was convicted in 2008 on gun and drug convictions and ordered to spent 11 to 23 months in prison. He served eight months in jail, and was released in 2009 to begin five years of probation.
The judge said that Williams must complete his etiquette classes by August 4.
Williams debut album came out last October and he performed on Jay-Z's Made In America festival earlier this year.

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